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Research paper

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Spring 2023


This analysis of summer 2023 is a sequel to the summer 2022 Analysis of Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Observation Data from 1976 through 2021, also available as a web page through end of 2024 here. A presentation of that and subsequent analysis presented at Kutztown University in November 2022 and to Hawk Mountain researchers in January 2023 is available as PDF slides here and also on the web through 2024 here. This work was funded by a Kutztown University Research Grant for spring 2022 through summer 2023. Analytical use of these data proceeded through a subset of projects in three courses in the 2022-2023 academic year: CSC 458 - Data Mining & Predictive Analytics I in fall, CSC 523 - Scripting for Data Science in fall, and CSC 558 - Data Mining and Predictive Analytics II in spring. These courses include iterative exploration of data relationships that often result in new discoveries and consolidation of previous discoveries. The current document focuses on one significant data relationship, that of consistent decrease of wind speed measures at Hawk Mountain's North Lookout, called regional stilling, to declining counts in certain raptor species from September through November in the later years of 1976 through 2021.

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Research funded by a Kutztown University Research Grant