2023 - (20)23 and Me: Discovering Origins

Sometimes we write to say what we think. But usually we write in order to discover what we think. This year's composition conference theme "20(23) and Me: Discovering Origins" invites student authors to submit work on these themes of discovery or origination, or to submit work that may itself have an interesting origin story.

The composing process can be messy, especially when we are engaging with issues that don't have straightforward answers. We have questions circulating in our mind. We have intuitions and mental associations begging to be explored. We have experiences we wish to share but aren't quite sure where or how they fit. The fact is the finished draft is almost always remarkably different from the original. In this spirit, we invite students to share projects that have helped them to discover new understandings of themselves, the issues they care about, and the world around them. We want to know: what's the origin story of your writing?

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