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This is an adaptation of a screenplay I wrote for Professor Johnston's Screenplay class in Fall of 2021. I decided to produce the writing piece into a short film for my Advanced-Post Production assignment for Professor Joy's CTM class in Winter/Spring of 2023, and within the PowerPoint is the thought process of the pre-production stages of the project, along with a rough cut of the film. BENEVOLENT Synopsis: A distraught artist (Ellison) is confronted by their best friend (Valence) when their actions begin to stray towards the destructive path of self-pity after losing sight of a major part of themselves. The short film/story tackles the idea of how art can be used as a coping mechanism for adversities in someone's life, and burnt-out syndrome can still affect people through hobbies. The roses used in the film subtly represent Ellison’s mental health in the story, along with his major “passion” for art in his life, which goes along with the juxtaposition of how the flower can be both beautiful yet destructive (with the thorns attached to the rose).

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