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Research Paper

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Summer 7-10-2022


Known for her colorful, bold, and whimsical folk art-inspired illustration and design style, Lisa Congdon brings joy and passion, fueled by her own self-taught journey, to the modern world of graphic design. Congdon is a fine artist, illustrator, and writer, producing works driven by her experiences with mental health, social justice, being queer, and being a woman. “And while all of those things can feel really dark and hard sometimes, there is a certain amount of joy that I feel, and that’s always what I want to try and express to the world” (Johnson, 2021), she shares. Although her path to recognition, self-acceptance, and finally, love, was unconventional, Congdon has achieved the reputation as a pioneer not only in design, but also as a mentor and a teacher. Congdon currently lives in Portland, Oregon with her partner Clay Walsh and their two dogs. She is “an avid cyclist and swimmer, and is often training for an athletic event or race” (Essmaker, 2012) when she’s not in the studio or inspiring others.


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