Date of Award

Spring 4-14-2020

Document Type


Degree Name

Ed.D. Transformational Teaching and Learning


Secondary Education

First Advisor

Kathleen Stanfa

Second Advisor

Amber Pabon

Third Advisor

Ericka Parra


Conceptual, in-class communication activities are the most common oral practice foreign language educators provide for L2 learners with the absence of native speakers. In most L2 classrooms in the U.S., Spanish-speaking practice transpires among learners who share the same native language and culture. For this reason, ACTFL encourages language educators to connect with local communities and those abroad to create intercultural interactions that can provide crucial avenues for achieving proficiency benchmarks and shaping globally minded citizens. To provide intercultural language-learning experiences for 16 undergraduate learners enrolled in my Spanish III course, I created a collaboration with a local ESL organization that connected us with five adult learners of English from various Spanish-speaking countries for seven face-to-face tandem language exchanges. This study utilizes a mixed-methods approach to investigate speaking performance as well as perceptions of linguistic growth, cultural knowledge, and confidence to speak Spanish. Results suggest that most participants increased in speaking competency, learned new cultural information, and further developed confidence to speak Spanish. Intercultural interactions following the three guiding principles of tandem placed learners from both educational institutions in active learning positions and capitalized on the linguistic background and culture of each group for mutual benefit of enhanced communication and understanding of one another.



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