Date of Award

Spring 3-29-2021

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Ed.D. Transformational Teaching and Learning

First Advisor

Catherine McGeehan, Ed. D

Second Advisor

Andrew Miness, Ph. D

Third Advisor

Roula Elliker, Ed. D


There is a plethora of research that shows parental engagement is a key contributor to student success. The Latina/o population is the fastest-growing demographic group in our country. Statistical evidence supports that by the year 2050, one out of every three students in our public schools will identify as Latina/o (National Center for Education Statistics, 2019). Latina/o parents overwhelmingly identify education for their children as a top priority and hope to engage with schools to help improve the educational system and advocate for the needs of their children. However, there are significant barriers that still exist including language, logistical issues, and a lack of understanding of the operation of a school. The recent global pandemic has brought parent engagement to the forefront of our educational crisis, with parents becoming the teachers. We are sitting on the precipice of educational transformation. The time is now for families and schools to break bread, break barriers, and build bridges to unite as one through meaningful home-school relationships.

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