Date of Award

Summer 6-13-2022

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Degree Name

Ed.D. Transformational Teaching and Learning



First Advisor

Dr. Kathleen Stanfa

Second Advisor

Dr. Michelle White

Third Advisor

Dr. Francis Kumor


The purpose of this research is to bring forward the lived experiences of English Language Learner (ELL) musicians who were new to the band program as of the Spring of 2021. This study was born out of previous coursework and reflection where it became apparent that more must be done to provide access to our band program for students who are in our ELL program. Therefore, the research question that guides this study is “What are the lived experiences of ELL band students?” The methodology is primarily a pursuit of the stories and lived experiences of the ELLs via a qualitative case study design that is informed through elements of narrative inquiry. The theoretical framework which I hold, view and operationalized this work was through the lenses of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and the conceptual framework of Trauma Informed Instruction. My intention was to highlight these lived experiences to other educators, as well as administrators, who may not be aware of how these students might be missing out on their own district’s music programs. l point to academic studies that have been conducted to highlight the perceived positive changes that particularly occur for second language learners through the lenses of both Social and Emotional Learning as well as Trauma Informed Instruction with respect to instrumental music education. Findings coalesced into five specific themes, weaving quotes, writing samples, and interviews as evidence to support how the band program enriches the lived experiences, both inside and outside the band classroom.

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