Date of Award

Winter 12-17-2022

Document Type


Degree Name

Ed.D. Transformational Teaching and Learning

First Advisor

Dr. Michele White

Second Advisor

Dr. Brenda Muzeta

Third Advisor

Dr. Patricia Tinsman-Schaffer


There is a disproportionality of students of color receiving office referrals for disrespect and defiance because disrespect and defiance are subjective in interpretation by teachers in the classroom. This self-study aims for the researcher to identify and understand the construction of their cultural identities, so they can determine how their cultural identities impact their interpretation of interactions with students concerning disrespect and defiance, how their cultural identities impact their choice of behavior management technique in interactions concerning disrespect and defiance, and how their cultural identities impact their discipline decisions in interactions concerning disrespect and defiance. The data to determine the formation of the researcher’s cultural identities was collected through an autobiographical timeline, culture-gram, culture collage, and field memos. The data to determine how the researcher’s cultural identities impacted their interpretation of interactions of disrespect and defiance, the behavior management techniques chosen, and the discipline decisions were DAE independent reflective journal, collaborative and critical dialogue with colleagues, collaborative reflective journal, and field memos. The study identified racial, class, religion, and gender biases of the researcher when determining if an interaction with a student involved disrespect or defiance.



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