Date of Award

Spring 4-16-2024

Document Type


Degree Name

Ed.D. Transformational Teaching and Learning

First Advisor

Dr. Amy Pfeiler-Wunder

Second Advisor

Dr. Helen Hamlet

Third Advisor

Julian Saavedra


Mixed-race individuals are increasing in number within the United States population. There is limited research on mixed-race learners in K-12 school settings. This study delves into the unique educational experiences of this group of learners and provides implications for future teachers. With a focus on the Pennsylvania Culturally Relevant and Sustaining Education (CR-SE) competencies, the researcher incorporates the competencies into course work and field experiences for pre-service teachers taking a course focused on literacy instruction and intervention. Quantitative, pre- and post- surveys, and qualitative data, open-ended responses, observations, and end of semester reflections were collected from pre-service teachers. Qualitative data, anecdotal narratives, were collected from families of mixed-race learners. Through action research and a mixed methods approach, the insider researcher uncovers converging themes through the data analysis process. These converging themes center on the importance of culturally relevant and sustaining pedagogy and identity and sense of belonging. The connection between themes in the data and the literature review solidifies the need for changes to teacher preparation programs. This research suggests the use of the CR-SE competencies as an effective framework to infuse in courses and field experiences. In doing so, pre-service teachers will potentially increase their understanding and application of culturally relevant and sustaining education practices to create inclusive classrooms for their future, diverse students.

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