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This article attempts to explain the romanticism of Native American culture existing in The United States and how it came to be. Through a chain of events this romanticism began. Forced Migration caused a social divide creating a separate social space for Native American people. Because of this negative social space we may see hegemony begin to take place. The American Government took Native children from their homes and forced them to assimilate into the general American population, thus creating a domino effect. In many cases children carry on a culture for other generations. However if these children are forced to assimilate, their culture will then begin to decline. Between a dying culture and forced isolation, we further alienate Native Americans, causing their romanticization.

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Native American Culture, Romanticism, Hegemony, Social Space, Alienation, Assimilate, Forced Migration, Cultural Studies Research, Modernity


American Literature | American Studies | Literature in English, North America

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