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Fall 12-4-2018


The American dream was idealistically envisioned for all members of a society until some members decided to make it unachievable for select groups. It became unachievable through means of oppressing to maintain control and have no competition in regards to achievement. Oppression of various groups of individuals begins internally on a psychological level. It becomes external when the masses of society all hold a racial or gender discriminatory view and make decisions based upon that. Groups that were deemed restricted have to deal with barriers within social mobility and formal legalities such as laws specifically geared towards them. Major groups such as women, African Americans and Native Americans have faced much adversity in attempting to prosper in American society. Originally, American society was not created with these individuals in mind so they had to defy the social and structural stereotypes to make America for them. Looking at prior history people need to change their mentalities and beliefs about others to end the cycle of oppressing individuals for selfish purposes, that only negatively affects American society as a whole.

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