Symphony in Paper


A 3-D model of a full symphony orchestra, consisting of over 100 pieces, was constructed by the student almost entirely from paper, utilizing the paper filigree art of quilling. The model was inspired by and based on the configuration of the Kutztown University Orchestra. Laid end to end, all of the paper segments combined that were used to complete this project would measure about 1,578.4ft, nearly 0.3 miles. (5 times as tall as the Statue of Liberty and 1.5 times as tall as the Eiffel Tower) Other materials included in this project (besides paper and glue) are jewelry crimp beads, wire, straight pins, safety pins, paper clips, toothpicks, thread, cotton balls, violin bow hair, and woodwind reeds. The student’s goal was to be as detailed and accurate as possible, reflecting her passion and dedication to orchestral playing, particularly her own KU Orchestra, as well as hone her quilling skills, challenge her creativity, and discover new techniques in that field.