Date of Award

Winter 12-15-2018

Document Type

Honors Capstone Project

Degree Name

B.A. Sociology


Anthropology & Sociology

First Advisor

Dr. Kim Shively

Second Advisor

Dr. Mauricia John


This meta-communicative study provides an analysis of global interfaith dialogue as it pertains to peace and conflict, with a primary focus on Islam. The Islamic Republic of Iran and United States have a complicated history. Their diplomatic relationship is rife with manipulation, radicalism, and a disregard for human dignity. Currently, the US is imposing hundreds of sanctions and restrictions on Iran, from nuclear energy to medicine, as a result of President Trump’s decision to back out of the Iran Deal. However, other forms of dialogue are affecting positive relations between the two countries. Interfaith dialogue between North American Mennonites and Iranian Shia Muslims are mending the gaps in international diplomacy. As a result, this research provides a collection of scholarly opinions on interfaith dialogue as a tool for peacemaking in the context of Iran as an Islamic Republic. In doing so, this analysis includes an intimate focus on the perspectives of Shia Muslims in Iran regarding Western prejudice against Islam, Islamic conceptions of peace and pluralism, the intersection of religion and government, and their country’s relationship to the United States. The goal of this research is to argue the importance of religious literacy regarding relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran and to support an avenue for further development in peacemaking between Iran and the US.

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Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0 International License
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