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The research in this study was conducted to provide the Department of Revenue with proven and documented best practices for their workplace environment study. This was accomplished by completing a focus group session with members of management to gather their perspectives about the current climate on diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as promotions within the department. A survey was also administered to the Department of Revenue employees. The survey was intended to capture employee’s perspectives on the current diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives and their expectations for the future.


There are four primary recommendations for the Department of Revenue to consider moving forward.

  1. It is recommended that the Department of Revenue continues to put efforts towards maintaining the integrity of their diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.
  2. The Department of Revenue is encouraged to continue to interact with each other and their employees to refine the expectations of what it takes to attain a diverse workforce.
  3. When evaluating the contractual bargaining agreement, considerations should be made to ensure that the hiring process follows a fair, merit based and time sensitive process. Offering competitive compensation packages to prospective hires will make the department an attractive employment option for qualified candidates.

When vacancies for management level positions occur within the Department of Revenue, the job postings should be made visible and accessible to all employees

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