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Florence Baver and her husband were the main organizers and leaders of the Pennsylvania Dutch Folk Culture Center in Lenhartsville, Pa. The Center’s collection was moved to the Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center and formed the initial basis for their collection. I interviewed her before most of the material was moved.

This interview took place in the early 1990s, 1990-1992. It was with Florence Baver and covered a variety of topics concerning the Pennsylvania Dutch Folk Culture Center in Lenhartsville. It was recorded by Bill Donner.

Times on tape of topics:

000 Origins of Society

15:00 Her life as a rural school teacher

23:00 Brief discussion of fundraising

24:00 slides of different rural technology: Flax, rag carpets, basket makers, broom making, Stahl pottery, candle making, drying house, apple butter

35:00 Problem getting Volunteers

41:15 Relationship with Kutztown University

47:00 Acquiring collections

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