These are interviews about “Growing Up Dutch.” There are a total of about 35 interviews. For a variety of reasons, we have only included a smaller sample here. We plan to add more later. Before any academic use of these interviews, please contact Dr. Jennifer Schlegel or Dr. William Donner, both in the anthropology department at Kutztown University.

The people interviewed and their families may use these interviews as they see fit.

Jennifer Schlegel came up with the idea of holding these interviews at the Kutztown Folk Festival. Some interviews were conducted by Drs. Schlegel and Donner, others by Bill Donner. Most were done at the Kutztown Folk Festival on the Seminar Stage. A few were done at the Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center during events there.

We thank the people who gave interviews and hope that you will enjoy them. We think they provide important insights into Pennsylvania Dutch life from the people who know it best—the Pennsylvania Dutch themselves.

We plan to add more interviews over the next few years and as COVID restrictions allow.

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Submissions from 2019

Dave Adam Part 2, Dave Adam

Al Zentner, Al Zentner

Submissions from 2018

Terry Berger, Terry Berger

Don Breininger 2018, Donald Breininger, William Donner, and Jennifer Schlegel

Submissions from 2016

Dave Adam, Dave Adam

Bill Meck, William Meck

Submissions from 2015

John Mertz 2015, John Mertz

Richard Miller, Richard Miller

Richard Savidge, Richard Savidge

Elaine Vardjan 2015, Elaine Vardjan