Gender Bias Behavior

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Fall 12-6-2019


During an experimental study session, three researchers conducted an experiment to evaluate the gender bias of men and women in a classroom setting. They hypothesized that women would be less valued based off of good or bad behavior that was presented towards men and women. 47 male and female participants were recruited for this assignment. They were college students ages ranging from 18-24 who signed up online for this experiment to receive course credit. The design that was used for this experiment was a 2x2 factorial design and the participants were randomly assigned to each condition. The independent variables were behavior and gender with the manipulation of good or bad behavior and male or female. The dependent variables that were measured were success, kindness, and performance. The results suggested that there were no significant interactions of gender and behavior on all three of the dependent variables. However main effects were shown on kindness of behavior and gender, success on behavior, and performance on behavior.

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