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Winter 12-9-2021


Exploring different research from all over the world, this paper’s main topic centers on the many ways students have been affected by Covid-19. A deadly disease that became prevalent in late 2019, and became known as a pandemic in early 2020, Covid had the world shook and resulted in lockdowns all over the globe. Many had been affected as businesses had no choice but to shut down or move to an online setting where one can work from home, this including schools. Many countries had their own way of continuing education, and this paper briefly talks about some research that has been done over the past year. More information will also be provided on what kinds of mental health issues students dealt with when the lockdown started, and how the shift from a school setting to home education changed that. It will also look at the relationship of parents and students of all ages, and finally the coping mechanisms they used to mentally help them over the course of several months. Of course, there is still ongoing research on many topics regarding students and the pandemic, as some are still doing online learning. Considering the pandemic only happened a year ago, this paper covers just enough to give a brief idea of what students had to deal with.