Title: "Spezialanciennitaetsliste mit Herkunfts-und Laufbahndaten Dragonerregiment Prinz Friedrich, 1764-1771".

[Senority list with dates of commissions and career paths Dragoon Regiment Prinz Friedrich, 1764-1771].

Source: Hessisches Staatsarchiv Marburg, Bestand 10 a Nr. 83:7.

This book lists the commissioning dates and other information about officers in the Dragoon Regiment Prinz Friedrich, 1764-1771. A few of the officers who served in infantry and garrison regiments in North America during the American Revolution had previously served in dragoon regiments, such as, August Christian Noltenius.

MPG 10-31-2022.


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Dragoner Regiment Prinz Friedrich, Hessisches Staatsarchiv Marburg, Bestand 10 a NR. 83:7 and Johannes Schwalm Historical Association