This file includes subfiles of images from Sikaiana that were taken by Bill Donner as part of ethnographic research from 1980-1993. The subfiles are organized topically. These are jpeg files to view more easily. Click on some images and they include brief commentary.

Photo Album 1 and Photo Album 2 include unorganized photos.

Viewers may want to go to the Tiff files which include most the photos in a tiff format for archival purposes.

I am greatly indebted to Rebecca Domas, at the time a student at Kutztown University, for an immense amount of help organizing and posting these images. She made many useful suggestions.

Please view and use these images in a way that respects the culture of the Sikaiana people. Any commercial use is prohibited unless approved by representatives of the Sikaiana people, who can be found in Honiara or the Area Council on Sikaiana.


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Auki, Malaita Province, Solomon Islands, 1980-1987.

Pijin signs

Sikaiana: Bird Net

Sikaiana: Bishop’s Visit in 1980

Sikaiana: Canoe

Sikaiana: Church

Sikaiana: Copra

Sikaiana: Cyclone Namu

Sikaiana: Dancing for the Bishop

Sikaiana: Fishing

Sikaiana: Food Preparation and Cooking

Sikaiana: Gardens

Sikaiana: Honiara 1980-93

Sikaiana: Honiara Wedding

Sikaiana: Kaleve Preparation

Sikaiana: Mea Hau or Mea Tau Loom

Sikaiana: Ontong Java

Sikaiana: People

Sikaiana: Photo Album 1

Sikaiana: Photo Album 2

Sikaiana: Places 1980-1993

Sikaiana: Prime Minister Visit 1982

Sikaiana: Puina

Sikaiana: Rituals and Ceremonies

Sikaiana: Tattoos

Sikaiana: Teika Lle

Sikaiana: Templeton Crocker/Old Photos

Sikaiana: Tenaru

Sikaiana: TIFF files

Sikaiana: Vasa Mats

Sikaiana: Wedding

Sikaiana: Wedding Penupenu

Sikaiana: Work and Technology

Sikaiana: World War II