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A recording about a wide range of traditional ritual from before Christian times. Fane Telena and Tekohu were two of the oldest living women on Sikaiana. There are two men in the interview. I think they might have been Mantai and Samson Tiki. The recording was made by Bill Donner as part of ethnographic research on Sikaiana from 1980-83.

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Tape 6a, b Discussion of several people about traditional rituals, Fane, Tekohu, Tiki, Manutai?

Fane was the oldest person during my stays.

Approximate times on tape.

00 Funeral, Tekohu joins later

12:10 Teika llee, Puutuna. Performed when a large fish comes ashore. (Tekohu joins with Fane )

((21:00—crying child))

22:30 Kai tae hakatele, the songs sung during the Manea when the Hale Aitu (Central Spirit House) was rebuilt, also visit of important person

24:10 Most of the discussion from here on is about the swearing that is done between men and women after the Huata harvest ceremony

29:00 Huata, harvest ceremony; someone else joins in discussion, Samson Tiki?, Manutai?, more about swearing at women after Huata

38:00 still talking about swearing at women, muna

40:10 swearing at women during another ceremony, Honu (turtle comes ashore)

41:40. Ceremonies for visitors (often traditional rituals were performed for visiting dignitaries during the British Protectorate and after Independence

44:00 someone (Tiki?) asks about traditional rituals—Muli Haahine, Muli Taanata, Manea

47:32 New Tape continues conversation about Muli Haahine, Muli Taanata

49:20 decorations for the Muli-taanata, -haahine

51:10 singing at Muli

52: discussion of changes

54: Discussion of Manea, Muli again

57: Roles of different ritual leaders, rituals, pule

1:00 break in tape, ritual roles, tama hekkau taumunimuni, pule, tautuku, sapai ulu, Huata, Manea, aliki,

1:14 break in tape, sing, perform Teika Llee as reception for important people

1:17:25 break in tape, Teika Llee

1:19:10 break in tape, ceremonies for Visitors, then discussion of going to Muli Akau (islands at western end of atoll) to collect materials for rituals, still talking about Teika Llee?

1:32 names of aitu (spirits) inside Hale Aiitu

1:33:50 Manea

1:34 Fane tells us we will not know what she is talking about because we did not see it