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A recording of Fane and Tekohu about various rituals in pre-Christian traditional Sikaiana life. Much of the discussion is about the ritual roles and officials. The recording was done by Bill Donner as part of ethnographic research on Sikaiana from 1980-83.

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Tape 8 Tekohu and Fane, these are the two of the oldest women on Sikaiana

Topics and approximate tape time:

008: Start

1:10 Aliki Noa (temporary chief) in the Teika llee,

3:20 Aliki (Chief)

3:58 tape started again

4:15 Pule, ritual role

6:20 tama hekkau (ritual helpers of the chief)

8:00 Sapai Ulu (female assistant to chief), Fane saw these things and was trained as the Sapai Ulu

9:00 Kunaaika,

11:11 can’t explain to me what I have not seen, but tries to explain

17:15 tape break, continues with Kunaaika, ceremony when men were tattooed

19:08 Kaukauana (bathing? Ceremony as part of Kunaaika?)

22:18 tape break, Tekohu, an elderly woman started talking here

23:05 naika tili

25 everyone had fun, dances,

There is a fight at the shore, some try to whip, some try to defend them