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An interview with Fane Telena concerning the traditional rituals of Sikaiana. There is a very good discussion of the Teika LLee, a ceremony performed when a large fish washes ashore to placate any dangers it might have.

A mp3 file is here and a wav file attached for archival puposes.

A timeline of topics is below:

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Tape 33A Fane

Timeline on tape.

000 work of the Aliki (Chief)

1:20 Teika Llee, (ceremony when fish washed ashore) good

7:40 Puutuna, women dance,

13:00 sing saka at this time when men and women join together

18: Kunuaika

19:00 Puina song festival when men and women break into separate groups to compose songs to sing to opposite sex

20:30. Succession of Aliki (Chief) before arrival of missionaries, several chiefs died in succession

23:20 destruction of hale aitu and hale henua destruction of ritual houses before arrival of missionaries

25:50 traditional leadership, two descent lines of island leadership

28:20 Hetuna (people who inhabited Sikaiana before its settlement by the ancestors of the Sikaiana people), Tehui Atahu and Tehui Luaniua, founder heros of Sikaiana