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A recording of Fane Telena about various ritual activities included the Hale Aitu (central ritual house), Manea (ceremony to replace rotting materials in the Hale Aitu), and a very good discussion of the Teika Llee starting about 7:00 on the tape (ceremony to placate any dangers from a large fish washing ashore) and other activities. Another person is heard on the tape. I thnk this is Mantai, her nephew.

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Fane and Manutai(?) really good discussion of Teika Llee from 7:00 to about 44:30

:8 tape starts

:20. Hale Aitu, spirits inside central spirit house

1:00 prayers to aitu

1:53 tino mate, (replace aitu in hale) Manea (ceremony to renew Sprit House)

2:20 women lana vasa (weave mats)

3:45 Manea

4:35 put the old materials in the Tino Mate

4:50 if a lot of people got sick, they would replace the mats in the hale aitu

5:40 I can’t understand what I have not seen

7:00 break in tape

7:15 Teika llee (ceremony when large animal washes ashore), Aliki Noa (Temporary Chief made during Teika Llee) good discussion. Fane and Manutai?

SEE ALBUM 6, Traditional Songs


10:15 fish was tapu

10:40 Temporary Aliki was made

11:35 women were in Puutuna

11:45 tapu for women, who were pregnant, Aliki Moana (‘Chief of Oceans”) was source of fish

12:40 prayed to Tupua (spirits often associated with location)

15:55 sing song during Teika llee

16:20 chief and assistants come forth

7:20 another song to the the fish/animal

17:45 island does not have food, why did the fish (Aliki Moana) come ashore, what will you eat?

20:20 chief and others move away

21:50 call out spirits in spirit house, Hale Aitu

22:40. Call to Simiau, pretend to eat fish

23:50 cut fish head, take it to a special place

24:30 Puutuna, women taken by ritual leaders

26:00 women are “playing” inside house

26:30 tahao te henua, having fun, playing

27:38 ritual officers are together leading the group

29:00 dance and sing

30:40 oti ei, (finished) followed by various discussions about Teika Llee

32:30 Aliki Moana makes everything bad

Various discussions about Teika Llee

39:30 Saupoo

44:30 discussion of succession of Vusu and how he became aliki—((there are disagreements among Sikaiana people) about these details

46:00 discussion of succession to chief