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A recording of Fane Telena discussing the Huata (a havest ceremony) and other traditional rituals in traditional Sikaiana life before the conversion to Christianity. The recording was made by Bill Donner as part of ethnographic research in the Solomon Islands from 1980-1983. I think the other voices on the tape are Mantai her nephew and Teavaki who lived with her.

There is a break in the tape (about 30 minutes in) where I asked a question in which I confused two different ceremonies.

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Fane 38B Manutai? Teavaki

:02 Huata

5:30 used to be really big harvests

5:55 Matapaa

6:50 Taumunimuni

7:05 Pule

21:40 Tuupao

26:00 Honu

27:00 song for Honu

27:56 break

28:48 do not join together discussion of another person with hers

29:40 New Year

30:20 I think I am mixing up Manea with Moana in my question

30:50 Kunaika discussion

32:03 tape break

32:28 Kutulana one day only

make a mat