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This album is a collection of traditional songs from Sikaiana in the Solomon Islands collected between 1980-1983 by William Donner as part of ethnographic research. The album includes commentary from William Donner and then a variety of traditional songs. The commentary includes a time location for each of the songs. A wav file of the songs is attached as is a commentary.

I plan to post each separately in this series.

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This list includes the song geners, the times for each performance on Album 1, their first line, and the page where they are located in the transcriptions that follow.

1 Sau (2:05) I te tulana o toku tanata. Page 3

2 Siva (13:50) A te lautama ku naatasi Page 7

3 Siva (19:18) Toku lautama ku ohia Page 9

4 Tani (26:30) E ni nae nae ko Page 12

5 Saka (36:22) Penapena koia te taaua hina Page 15

6 Saka (42:57) Ka e toku hina ko te valo Page 19

7 Olioli (53:04) E A te hiihai pio Page 22

8 Olioli (102:45) E A te talatala ni mahola mai Page 25

9 Siva (111:00) Toku lautama ni taka ma nau Page 28

10 Tuki (119:08) E kakau omoa e kaukau moe Page 31

11 Tuki (126) Hakatuu te lani ma te matani Page 33

The following are not transcribed with brief summaries on page 37

Ttani Kkai (132:32, 137:48), Sina ma Puna, Telamanisia

Naha (140:7)

Suamele 143:15

Mako o te Henua (144:48)