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Album of collected traditional songs from Sikaiana sung by the men and women of Sikaiana in the Solomon Islands as part of ethnographic research from 1980-87. These include a Kai Tae Hakatele which was sung when the Hale Aitu (Spirit House) was being refurbished (.033 on recording), some ritual songs during the Teika Lle(e), when a large fish or creature washed on the reef (21:22 on the recording), some Mako o te Henua (songs of the island) which I was told came from other islands and were sung for enjoyment (22:28 on the recording) and Suamele, dances with actions that were performed as part of the Teika Llle(e) (28:33 on the recording, although during my stays Suamele were mostly performed for enjoyment.

The file is mp3, a wav file will be attached.

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Traditional Album 2

These are songs from a cassette I made some time in the 1980s to send to people interested in Polynesian songs. They have not been transcribed. The songs were done under the supervision of Reuben Tenai and Fane Telena.

I have attached a transcription for the Kai Tae Hakatele and Teika Llee.

The recordings can be found at the following points in the tape:

.033 Kai Tae Hakatele

Literally (Eat Feces Make Fly). Ritual song, sung in pre-Christian times during the Manea when the Hale Aitu (Spirit House) was being refurbished. From the voices, this song was performed under the supervision of Reuben and Fane.

21.22 Teika Llee

Songs done when a big fish, whale or crocodile washed up on the reef.

22.48 Mako o te Henua (several)

I was told these songs came from other islands, although the words often seem to be from Sikaiana, perhaps because the songs came from Polynesian islands. During my stays often sung for enjoyment.

28.33 Suamele

Ritual Songs that were sung in pre-Christian times during the Teika Llee. During my stays these were popular songs to be sung for enjoyment.

There is a transcription and a wav file attached.

Album 2 Sikaiana songs 2 19 21.wav (479593 kB)
wav file

Kai Tae Hakatele.pdf (91 kB)