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These are songs recorded by Bill Donner on Sikaiana in the Solomon Islands. This album was recorded on Easter 1982 from a group of adult women who were led by Fane Telena (at the time the oldest person among the Sikaiana people, probably in her 80s).

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Album 5, Fane and Women. New Tape 3, old 22, Easter 1982

Time on Album and title

05. Vaka Hakatele (Boat make run)

The next two songs are ritual songs, Tuki. They are also found on Album 1, Songs, 10 and 11, at 119:08 of Album 1, p 31 of the accompanying commentary.

4:35 Kaukau Tuki). Song 10 119:08, p31

10:11 Tuki song 11, 119:08 p.33

15:15 Mako Hina These are songs women composed in traditional times to their sweethearts before the arrival of Christian missionaries in 1929.

23:21 Rinati—this song seems to me similar to te aliki hakananiu on 38:29 of Album 4)

28:44 These are series of saka for sweethearts in times before the conversion to Christianity.

I think the next two songs were composed by the women in late 1981 as part of a puina (song festival). These songs are composed by the women to criticize the men. One says that the young men could be better looking if they took care of themselves like earlier generations of men did. The other criticizes the young men for boasting about their secret sweethearts rather than keeping them secret as previous generations did.

48:26. Puina?

54:30 Puina?