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Ralph Borsodi

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In Education and Living, a two-volume work, Borsodi elaborated the model of the School of Living. Most of volume one consists of a critique of “mis-education.” Most of that critique focuses on the problems of centralization; centralization of industry, the economy, politics and education. The second volume of Education and Living explains Borsodi’s vision of achieving decentralization in detail. The second volume is in two parts: Right-Education and Re-Education. It explains how to educate for the “Normal” human being and for achieving the “Normal” way of living. This is not the “normal” of the bell curve, the average of a population. This is normal in terms of what a human being is innately capable of. It is not the “normal” of “the noble savage” but the norm of a person whose capacity for life, whose capacity for action, has been nurtured by education and training for life; who is the product of a School of Living. Volume 2 provides an insightful description of what and how a person of high individual and social potential can be developed. -- Bill Sharp