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Dr. Andrew Vogel


Division between political parties in The United States of America is increasing daily, causing a serious threat to the future of our democracy. People form their own opinions and decide which political party to affiliate with based on childhood experiences or through media outlets. It is more common as technology is advancing that people get their political information through social media. This is starting to become a serious problem. Social media companies are the cause of this, as they create Echo Chambers that only allow people to view content that relates to their political view. There is also Fake news that has been spread all over social media networks making people believe things that are not credible, and computational propaganda that was created to sway people’s political opinions right before important democratic times such as the 2016 presidential election. This wicked problem is creating more division, and has the potential to lead the United States of America into a civil war. There are some things that the government and social media companies can do to stop this from getting too far before democracy as we know it is gone.

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