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Research Paper

Publication Date

Fall 11-12-2020

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Dr. Andrew Vogel


Obesity is a chronic disease that has increased rapidly in the United States during these last two decades. This disease not only affects people physically, but this disease affects people mentally. Many studies show that the reason that most people develop this disease is due to mental health. And yet society and social media continue to quite literally use obesity for publicity. Now in days, we see so many programs to help those with obesity, but the goals set are not attainable for people with obesity because the programs are more so geared toward either healthier people or financially stable people. This also translates into how the U.S. government also seems to “help” people with obesity, although in reality they have been found to enable this disease. Obesity affects everyone differently, this essay aims to recognize not only how our government and society view obesity, but also how obesity affects people differently. As this problem is a wicked problem and no one true solution has ever been found, this paper will also provide some helpful suggestions on how to decrease obesity in the American society we have today.

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