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Research Paper

Publication Date

Fall 11-12-2020

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Andrew Vogel


Going as far back as 1973, cellphones have been a part of our lives and how we live it. Over the past 10 years, cellphones have taken over much of what we do. How much we use our phones can impact us more than what anyone could have ever thought. Phone usage has increasingly become a problem that may people face. The project lists the multitude of ways that our mental health and everyday life are affected because of how much we use our phones and go on social media. The goals of this project are to explain, provide evidence, and help solve how to avoid being trapped in a phone and social media hole. Specifically, how much and often our cognitive health is at stake when phones are overused, and social media is not turned off. This project raises questions about where this came from, what it means, and how exactly are users effected. This wicked problems project will provide evidence and personal examples on how phone usage and social media affect our online versus in person attitude, mental health, and self-esteem.

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