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Research Paper

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Fall 11-12-2020

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Professor Andrew Vogel


Today, there are many wicked problems that we face. Climate change, phone usage, substance use, and many others. This may lead to us then neglecting some of the other wicked problems that do not directly relate to us. Homelessness is a wicked problem that has been faced for generations, and many have overcome it and went on to talk about their hardships. What is not spoken about so often is homelessness in youth. It is an ugly truth that needs to be recognized and talked about. They face several issues with not only various parts of their health, but aspects of their daily environment. Many may think there is no solution to it or that the solution will not come until the future, but the truth is we can begin fixing this problem right now. There is no single solution to this, but that is what makes it a wicked problem. The clearest solution to homelessness in youth is to use resources like Covenant House and to expand them to more areas so they are more easily accessible for homeless youth. Covenant House not only provides them with everything they need, but they gain the trust of the ones staying with them to maximize their potential success.

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