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Research Paper

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Fall 11-12-2020

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Andrew Vogel


The issue of hunger in the United States is descriptively explained through the standpoints of child hunger, mental health, food security, and elderly people. It is detailed with explanations on how to overcome and adapt to the wicked problem that have plagued our country since it became one. The information produced by authors cited in this essay talk about the main points and the substantial issues that have progressed over time. It sheds light on how prevalent hunger can be with low-income families and the elderly people that do not have the aid to receive enough meals a day. In order to pursue the goal of slowly ending hunger in the United States, we must spread the word of how serious child hunger, food insecurity, and mental health are within our communities and towns. Educating people through social media and telling others can benefit the spread of how hunger can be tackled and ended in our country.

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