The Wicked Problem of Child Abuse

Haley L. Dunkelberger, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania


There is another connection that can be seen between serial killers besides the titles as such; facing some form of abuse as a child. Child abuse is a wicked problem that cannot easily be solved or stopped. However, ending abuse and saving victimized children may also save many others. Though serial killers are a very small minority of the population, there is still a desire to stop them in their tracts or even prevent that future entirely. Abuse often leads to something known as the cycle of violence, as well as many other mental and physical repercussions. If as a society we could diminish the frequency of children facing abuse and neglect, we may be able to decrease the overall rates of violence in the country. There have been many studies supporting the claims that serial killers more often than not faced abuse as well as the claim that those who suffered from abuse as children are at a larger risk of violent actions in life.