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Research Paper

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Spring 4-8-2021

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Dr. Andrew R. Vogel


Creating this paper was a wicked problem due to how deep of an issue the gun debate is in the United States. In the discussion of guns, there is a side that wants to abolish them, a side that believes in the right of the second amendment, and a middle ground where we can have guns in society with added in legal measures. Surely enough, those that are in opposition to firearms are persuaded due to the acts of violence and crime committed with them. Then there are those that use them in a way of self-defense. Through this paper, the goal is to enlighten new-coming critical thinkers to get a general sense of what is going on in this wicked debate. The issues of guns can even be linked to the wording that was constructed in the Constitution in the second amendment. The conflict of this interpretation has sparked court cases to occur around it. Controversy has also sparked around devastating mass shootings that have occurred. As times have changed, those look to guns as more for protection as compared to sport or other interests. To this day, lawmakers are struggling to find a ground on what new measures can be put into place regarding guns but are they truly carrying out the duties of those guidelines they have in place.

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