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Research Paper

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Spring 4-8-2021

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Professor Vogel


Relationships are very important in our everyday life, especially in the medical field. Doctors tend to be the determining factor for many patients when it comes to life or death, and the patient requires a positive doctor patient relationship for many reasons. A good relationship is very important to foster trust thus creating a welcoming environment leading to more people taking steps to get help. However, when the doctor patient relationship is broken negative results are yield. Today the relationship between African American women and doctors is one that is broken and drifting further away from what is viewed as a healthy doctor patient relationship. This is due to a troubling past between the two, and various disparities seen in the healthcare system. This failed relationship has created a negative effect that can be seen in the outcome, treatment, and availability to seek help. Effective communication on both sides can be one of many steps that can be taken to bridge the gap. Other solutions such as representation, cultural training, and policies can also help in bridging the gap.

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