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Research Paper

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Spring 4-8-2021

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Andrew Vogel


The United States has multiple wicked problems now, the tense political atmosphere, COVID-19, but the wicked problem that has only just been getting major media attention are the hate crimes that the Asian American community is facing. These hate crimes have been happening since March of 2020. Luckily, these hate crimes have been getting attention from Asian American actors like Olivia Munn and Daniel Dae Kim as well as the most recent deadly attack in Atlantic City. Hate crimes against the Asian American community has seen a 150% increase in large cities like New York City and Los Angeles. There are multiple possible causes of these hate crimes including former President Trump’s referring to the COVID-19 pandemic as the “China-Virus” or “Kung Flu” or people scapegoating the Asian American for the COVID-19 pandemic. I think that no matter what the cause of this wicked problem, I think that it is obvious that something needs to be done regarding the hate crimes, if things don’t change, then I fear that the hate crimes will continue to worsen over time.

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