Document Type

Research Paper

Publication Date

Spring 4-6-2021

Faculty Advisor

Proffeser Vogel


Abstract: In a time where classrooms need more development as a whole to be more sustainable for kids that might have learning disabilities, We will look into universal design techniques that teachers could use to help children succeed in their environment. Having some sort of adaptability in the classroom is important for all students. By changing the ways we teach some tools teachers can use will be more comforting for the student with a learning disability to learn at quicker and faster paces. Design and having structure is very effective to student learning efficiency. Looking at new ways to innovate a classroom or a school could be beneficial. Also having certain seating arrangements for kids that might have social anxiety or a learning disabilities could help a child with needs in an environment that they might have to get used to. Having these different styles of teaching where students are more interactive together in a comfortable classroom setting is effective in how a child with learning disabilities processes and learns information.



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