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Research Paper

Publication Date

Spring 4-8-2021

Faculty Advisor

Andrew Vogel


The problem of medication pricing and lobbying in the healthcare industry has caused millions of people within the United States to not be able to afford medications essential to their lives. Pharmaceutical companies are taking advantage of the need people have for certain drugs by setting the sale price far higher than it costs to produce. My suggested solution is to make lobbying illegal in the United States so that pharmaceutical companies would not have control over government officials who pass laws to help or hurt the issue of medication pricing. Illegalizing government lobbying will take away the incentive politicians have to be biased toward a particular party, issue, or industry and will encourage those who get into politics to do what is right and not what lines their pockets. With my suggested solution, laws regarding price ceilings would be able to be passed more easily, thus allowing more of the American population to be able to afford their medication. This essential change would enable the United States to become one step closer to stop saving the rich.

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