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Research Paper

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Spring 4-8-2021

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Dr. Andrew Vogel


Drugs have a serious effect on our mental health, and mental health has a major effect on drug abuse and addiction. There is a reason so many drug users usually need to keep going back to rehab. It is because drugs affect mental health to a point where you aren’t the same person during and even after drug addiction. Poor mental health also can be a major cause influencing people to start doing drugs. People with depression, anxiety disorders, mood disorders are more prone to drug use. That is why we need to make it a public policy to screen the mental health of young adults all over the world. We need to treat them with therapists/psychiatrists before they start to self-medicate. I believe if we improve rehabilitation center’s funding, screen mental health, and start new studies on mental health’s correlation with drug use, then we can officially make a big improvement within drug addiction and the effects it has all over the world.

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