Wicked Problems in Middle Class

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The middle-class has been decreasing in size for years, no one factor can cause this to happen. The economy won't be able to grow without Americans putting money into business, with high bills and debt Americans struggle financially. There are possible solutions to aid this wicked problem to assist Americans with proper financial funding and government oversight. There isn’t enough government intervention to help the middle-class be revived and to boast the economy. Hospitals also have extremely costly bills for emergency situations which a lot of Americans don’t have the money for or even be able to cover the insurance. Wages have decreased amongst America over the last 20 years, most people are unable to contribute a lot of money to businesses to help the economy. About 71 million Americans with a credit history suffer from debt, it’s extremely hard to pay off debts. Too many Americans struggle to make ends meet, this has been a continuing trend in America that has only gotten worse over recent years.

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