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Humans destroy earth by polluting the atmosphere and wiping out other living things. Climate change is a human created problem that is increasing the rate at which the damage is occurring. The temperature is increasing at the fastest rate that it has in 10,000 years. With change happening this fast, it is hard for nature and animals, including ourselves, to adapt. Climate change is one of the biggest things causing this change and it is crucial to take action before it is too late. We need to stop deforestation, stop CO2 emissions, and stop the use of fossil fuels. The more we do these things, the consequences will be worse and will occur faster. Some ways we can slow down, or even reverse the effects of climate change, is the use of solar panels and wind turbines, stopping the consumption of meat, and creating policies to enforce environmental friendly practices. If we can make these drastic changes in our lives, it is possible that further damage can be prevented and save this beautiful planet.

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