Publication Date

Winter 12-2018


The New Hearth: The creation of a Mobile Space

Mangum, James. Kutztown University, (4 December 2018).

This analysis offers an insightful look into an aspect of travel and modernity that has gone seemingly unnoticed in the culture of American Mobility. As a social product space is created to serve the function of something integral in society. Working individuals need offices for example, students need schools, and citizens need residences. These are created spaces of society that intersect the realities of life, and an automobile is how we get to and from these spaces. Modernity has allowed us to stretch the ideas of mobility and space by combining the two. This analysis is an in depth look at three examples in the modern American culture of travel that represent a creation of space, a new social product that merges automobile with functional space. This new creation of a mobile space, constitutes ideas of Lefebvre that are also explored. It is the result of a need for travel, and a need for a representative space to be interpreted through.

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