Kutztown Folk Festival Performers

This collection includes videotapes of different performers and events at the Kutztown Folk Festival. The festival was founded in 1950 and was the first folklife festival in the country and influential on other folklife festivals including the Smithsonian Folklife Festival held annually on the national mall. It was not held in 2020 because of the Covid crisis.

One group of videos was taken by Bill Donner; another was taken in 2010 by Jackie Zabel who was a major in Kutztown University’s film program. I am grateful to Jackie for allowing me to post her videos. I have titled her videos with her name.

Visitors may also want to see the collection of Liars Contests which were held at the Folk Festival.

Visitors will want to learn more about Pennsylvania Germans at the Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center.



Submissions from 2019

Patrick Donmoyer on Hex Signs (or Barn Stars), Patrick Donmoyer

Patrick Donmoyer on Pennsylvania Dutch Powwowing, Patrick Donmoyer

Dave Valuska, Pennsylvania Germans in the Civil War, Dave Valuska

Michael Werner Kutztown Folk Festival, Michael Werner

Submissions from 2018

Leroy Brown, Life of a Dutchman, Leroy Brown

Submissions from 2017

Doug Madenford, Ask a PA Dutchman, Doug Madenford and Chris Larose

Bill Meck and Leroy Brown Humor, Bill Meck and Leroy Brown

July 4 Parade, Festival Performers and Bill Donner

Submissions from 2015

Hanging of Susanna Cox, Bill Donner

Submissions from 2010

Zabel 002 Humor, Soap, Hex signs Education, Jackie Zabel

Zabel 003 Loom, jewelry, quilt auction, schools, Jackie Zabel

Zabel 004 One room schools, Jackie Zabel

Zabel 005 Susanna Cox, Children's Stage, Beekeeping, various, Jackie Zabel

Zabel 011 Hex Signs, Assistant Director, Flintlocks, Jackie Zabel

Zabel 013 Festival signage, Jackie Zabel

Zabel 014 Hanging, various crafts, Jackie Zabel

Zabel 015 Square dance, loom, redware, stoneware, Jackie Zabel

Zabel 017 Folk singing, festival scenes, Jackie Zabel

Zabel 018 Block prints, Jackie Zabel

Zabel 019A Folk band, Jackie Zabel

Zabel 019B Music, glass. blowing, fiddle dancing, Mennonites, Festival History, Jackie Zabel

Zabel 020A Carving, dolls, clay, jewelry, birds, Jackie Zabel

Zabel 020B House Construction, Jackie Zabel

Zabel 021 Chairs, jewelry, Civil War, redware, hex signs, Jackie Zabel

Zabel 022 Thatching, ox roast, July 4 Parade, Jackie Zabel

Zabel Legends, Humor, Quilts, Jackie Zabel

Submissions from 2007

Evan Snyder and Toys, Evan Snyder