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A recording originally done in 1981 by Bill Donner on Sikaiana in the Solomon Islands. Reuben Tenai and Fane Telena were the leaders of a group of adult singers.

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These songs are in the following order. They are from Tapes 17a, b.

:03 He tanata taaua ni polopolo

8:00 Naha

10:13 Siva. Toku Lautama ni taka (piki) this is song 9 on Album 1, 110; p. 28 the sheet accompanying Album 1

16:25 Siva Te lautama ku naatasi. This is Song 2, 13:50 on Album 1 and is found on p.7 of the commentary accompanying album 1.

20:34 Siva Lautama ku ohia This is song 3, 19:18 on Album 1 and found on P 9 of the commentary accompanying Album 1.

26:30. A te talatala ni mahola mai This song 8, 102:45 on Album 1 and found on p.25 of accompanying commentary on Album 1.