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This a recording of songs done by Bill Donner between 1980 and 1993 on Sikaiana in the Solomon Islands. It includes a variety of recordings by different people.

Some songs have commentary found on Album 1.

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Album 4 from tapes 18a and b

Times and brief explanations of songs

:03 PenaPena koia te taaua hina,

(making our secret love) Led by Silas Tilikohu this song can be found on Album 1, song # 5 36:22; it is transcribed on p.15 of the commentary attached to Album 1.

5:04. E hakatele nau (I think).

This is a departure song for school. It was directed by Reuben Tenai and Fane Telena.

16:35 A te hiihai pio,

This was directed by Reuben Tenai. On Album 1 it is song 7, 53:04, and can be found on p.22 of the commentary attached to Album 1.

24:29 Kapeni Kuki (Captain Cook).

This song is about an alleged (and historically inaccurate) legend about a visit of Captain Cook to Sikaiana. Possibly a metaphor about a very handsome man. Reuben Tenai organized its singing.

38:29 Te aliki hakanani (The Great Captain/Cheif).

A song about a person who is overly fastidious, although another person claimed it is about a husband who is jealous about his wife and wants to control her. Directed by Fane Telena and Reuben Tenai

The next two songs are about an event in World War II when 3 American Fliers were shot down and stayed on Sikaiana during the Battle of the Eastern Solomon Islands. The Sikaiana women composed the song to praise the American fliers as a taunt the Sikaiana men.


William W. Donner 1989 “Far-away” and “Close-up”: World War II and Sikaiana Perceptions of Their Place in the World, in G. White and M. Lindstrom, editors, The Pacific Theater: Islander Representations of World War II, pp 149-165.Honolulu:University of Hawaii Press.

42:39 te kili kehu, (the white skin), directed by Fane Telena and Reuben Tenai

48:51 he tuunia na moena (don't burn the bedding), Fane Telena and Reuben Tenai. I have attached a transcription and translation for this song.

The recording is a mp3 file. A wav file and transcription of the last song are attached.