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These songs were recorded by Bill Donner in February 1982 on Sikaiana in the Solomon Islands. The singing group was led by Fane Telena and Reuben Tenai. There are a group of different songs. At 31:05, the singers begin singing the Kai tae Hakatele, a ritual song that is associated with traditional ritual when the Hale Aitu (Spirit House) was refurbished in pre-Christian times.

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Album 6. Tape 7 February 1982 (Fane Telena and Reuben Tenai are leaders)

00 Various songs, Fane, Reuben

31:05 Kai Tae Hakatele (ritual song)

52:21 Teika Llee (ritual chants when a large fish washed ashore)

53:16 Mako o te Henua (songs from various islands)

56:35: Suamele (ritual songs that were sung for enjoyment during my stays 1980-1993)