Date of Award


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D.S.W. Social work


Social Work

First Advisor

John Conahan


Supervision is a function at the core of the social work profession. The goal of social work supervision is to provide practitioners with the needed support, oversight, and education so that practitioners can ultimately render efficient and effective services. Despite positive outcomes, little is empirically known about effective supervision and its relationship with educational background. Recognizing the lack of empirical evidence regarding effective supervision practices within the social work profession, this study examined the delivery of supervision within a large Pennsylvania human service organization delivering fee for service case management. Using the MCSS-26©, supervisees rated their experiences of supervision; then with SPSS statistical analysis, an overall supervision score was derived. While additional study is warranted, results from this study have wide ranging implications for supervisory practices within the social work curriculum and practice standards, as well as considerations for agency leaders responsible for the implementation of supervision.



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